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Taking inspiration from Mad Max, I crafted a detailed scene illustration depicting characters enjoying a summer day. Some are seen lounging near a local river, while others are depicted at a market where a produce seller exclusively offers baguettes and "hot soup" on a hot day. These illustrations created digitally.


Concept Illustration, 2024

Futuristic Concept Illustration, In the process Part 1


Motor Girl

I crafted a character from my imagination and drawing inspiration from Soul Eater. Soul Eater is infused through the background, motorcycle, and outfit with a playful essence. Both her character and the background exude a playful vibe, and she's skilled in performing motorcycle tricks. 

This was done digitally 


Exorcist Priest

Concept Illustration

Inspired by Blue Exorcist, Chucky, and Edward Scissorhands, I have chosen to create a character whose personal traits are fearless, unpredictable, and who harbors a thirst for killing. He was once a beloved priest who faced a powerful demon that took over his will and body, becoming one with him. He can summon weapons from his head, initially appearing as a cross, which later transforms into an unbeatable gun. 

This was done digitally 

 Concept Illustration 

This illustration is part of my own story idea, currently in progress. It shows zombie rabbits invading underground gentlemen's clubs. I convey this theme by focusing on the chaotic energy of a dancer starting to transform into a rabbit during her performance.

This was done digitally 


Rabbit Rabbit Fun House


Character and Scene Development


Personal Projects & Illustrations for Books

The Crooks & Siren Witch 

Inspired by Paranoia Agent and Sea Sirens, I created illustrations featuring villainous characters. The girl, accompanied by her sidekicks, a large teddy bear and a human rabbit, navigates through a cyberpunk city. While they lack traditional superpowers, they exude a dreamlike, supernatural aura and appear as the danger who roam the streets. ( They hit people with a bat) On the opposite side, a siren character uses seduction as her weapon. These illustrations were crafted using graphite.​


More Projects

Phoenix Princess

Concept Illustration

Inspired by the 1983 film Fire and Ice, I created a character based on the world of warriors and princesses. Meet a phoenix princess, committed to protecting everyone from the mutant humans. She's strong, able to fly and fight like a bird of prey. 

This was done by graphite

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