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Daisy Hernandez Gordillo


More in depth about my artwork

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I use several mediums in my work including oil painting, sculpture, animation, and photography. Primarily though, my medium of choice is often oil paint. Through whimsically painted illustrations, my work focuses on animal rights and human behavior. In my paintings, I combine playful and bright saturated colors with distorted and dark imagery to represent the grim reality of certain human behavior and its effect on animals and society as a whole. 

Daisy Hernandez Gordillo

My name is Daisy Hernandez and I am an artist from New Jersey who is now based in Massachusetts. I’ve always had an interest in the artistic field and I started a small business at the age of 14 selling customized artwork to family, friends and new patrons. I then started to finalize and build an artist portfolio online and participated in different art competitions, local galleries, art shows and had the pleasure of having an interview on 41 univision channel in New York. 


Once I finished high school I studied at Tufts University and from there on, I started experimenting with newer mediums / ideas. I started doing short animations where I worked traditionally, digital, and performative. I used mismatched sounds that balanced the film and made them appear very abstract. My work is not only experimental but also fantastical and theatrical. My art stands out to the viewer as grim and distorted imagery, colors are saturated to signify visual moods that are impacting the characters/ figures in the piece.


Just like in films or animations, the camera and settings play a big part inorder to describe what is being watched and achieve emotion from a viewer. Watching closely at my inspiration, I start navigating my work to also share that connection with my viewers. As I continue making more art, HTD Jewelry was launched in 2020 and I opened up a jewelry shop online. My handmade jewelry is presented as well, at art shows,galleries and festivals. For more information on HTD Jewelry click this link : and feel free to check out some of my short films on Youtube: IAMDAISY 

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HTD jewelry is a handmade gem collection created by Daisy. As an artist with many aspirations to create all sorts of artistic projects, making handmade jewelry became one of them. HTD offers a playful and colorful appeal for crystals and stones and are designed to look whimsical and unique. HTD Jewelry has officially launched online a few years ago and only hope to grow and introduce more unique collections in the near future. 

For every original that you purchase 5%
is donated to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee 

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