I use painting as a form of visual storytelling, often stemming from my own childhood and adult experiences.

As early as I can remember I was always fascinated with human behavior, existence, and my own intake of the world.

Many of these subjects I was interested in I found difficult to explain in words, so I began drawing them instead. I was quickly told however that I should be drawing things that were more "pretty" like classic landscapes and portraits. Instead I did the opposite. My work takes on a more unconventional side of beauty that is represented through surreal and imaginative landscapes, figures, and faces.

Just as creating work that is authentic to me has helped me discover who I Am as a person, I'm hoping viewers will experience the same feeling of discovery when I bring my ideas to life. I believe that there is an entire world of imagination that each of us has inside, but most are afraid of it, feel as though they've lost it, or don't know how to show it. With my work my goal is to express this lost world while inspiring others to find theirs.

I was born in New Jersey and currently living in Massachusetts  and was always fascinated with creativity, human behavior, existence, and my own intake of  the world.

As most children who loved to explore creativity, i started at a fairly young age and grew attached to drawing and doodling. I was always told that doodling on exams wasn't going to help me do better. But my story was that those doodles would help me be better as a person, because it made me feel complete.

And that is when i new art would be my passion, my soul mate. Reaching seven  years later i made an immediate change deciding that one day that i would start to paint and from there on it became my main tool. my work drastically changed from doodles, cartoons, cubism, portraiture, impasto, illustration, surrealism, fantasy, story telling and figurative expressionism. I bring you to 2019 in which my work represent world of internal bond and reflection imagery and taking you alone in this journey.

For every original that you purchase 5%
is donated to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee 

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