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Daisy Hernandez Gordillo

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More in depth about my artwork

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As a multimedia artist, I create animations, illustrations, paintings, and videos. My whimsical illustrations are primarily done in oil paint and focus on visual storytelling, using playful and bright colors alongside darker tones to set a mood and create a sense of contrast. I also employ distorted, dark imagery to add depth and complexity to my work.

Daisy Hernandez Gordillo

Hi there, I'm Daisy Hernandez, an aspiring artist hailing from the vibrant state of New Jersey and now based in the artistic hub of Massachusetts. From a young age, my passion for creating art has been a driving force in my life. At just 14, I started my own small business, selling customized artwork to family, friends, and new patrons. As my portfolio grew, I entered various art competitions, local galleries, and art shows, even landing an interview on 41 Univision Channel in New York.

After studying at Tufts University, I started to explore new mediums and ideas. My work now includes a mix of traditional and digital animation, painting, and video, all infused with a fantastical and theatrical flair. My pieces stand out with their grim and distorted imagery, with colors saturated to signify the visual moods of the characters and figures in the piece.

Just like in films or animations, the camera and settings play a big part in describing what is being watched and achieving emotions from the viewer. Drawing inspiration from my surroundings, I seek to connect with my viewers through my artwork, evoking powerful emotions and transporting them into a world of surrealism and fantasy.

To expand my artistic horizons, I launched HTD Jewelry in 2020, featuring handmade jewelry presented at art shows, galleries, and festivals. Feel free to check out some of my short films on Youtube under IAMDAISY and visit my jewelry shop at for more information. I am excited to continue my artistic journey, pushing boundaries and inspiring others to pursue their creative passions.

exotica jewelry

Exotica Jewelers is an artisanal gem collection handcrafted by Daisy Hernandez, a multidisciplinary artist with a passion for creating unique and inspired works. Drawing on her artistic expertise and creativity, Daisy has designed a collection of handmade jewelry that combines playful colors and intricate details to produce whimsical and one-of-a-kind pieces. With an official online launch a few years ago, HTD Jewelry aims to expand its offerings and introduce new, distinctive collections in the near future.

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