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All original paintings are signed, framed and ready to hang! 

Go bold and wow your guest.

Untitled_Artwork 5.jpg

✅  Find your favorite art piece.
✅  Screenshot or take a picture.

✅  Give your budget.  
✅  And go ahead and email it to me. 
✅  I will get back to you with details of the dimensions, medium and the price of the piece with out a discount along with your budget to better accommodate you!
✅ Once we have agreed on a firm price, I will go ahead and process your order! 

Get Started Checklist

✨ All original paintings come with an original certificate of authenticity.
✨ All original paintings come with a frame and ready to hang.

✨ All original paintings are package carefully and secured in order for safe transportation.

✨ All paintings are free and fast shipping.


Perks To Your Order.

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❤️ Was the process better than you expected would you buy more art from Daisy Art? 
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✨Art Show. ✨

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