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✅ Start the consultation.
✅ Here's what I need from you!
✅ What you have in mind? 
✅ How big are we talking about?
✅ What medium you are thinking of ?
✅ And if you aren't sure of what you want send me pictures, descriptions and aesthetics's. 

✅ Then I will get back to you what we can work on!

What to email.

✅ I will start a $50 charge to start an illustration plan, non-refundable.
✅ Once Plan is accepted, we will start with a 50% security deposit to start the piece. 
✅ I will then reach out to you about your last payment and a quick update on the piece.
✅ And the piece will be read to be delivered.

Begin Process.


Your artwork is shipped.

✅Your order is package to be transported safely and secure, along with free shipping.

✅ You will get notified once your order has been shipped.

✅ You will get an estimate time of shipping days. 


View past custom art. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

With every order Daisy art includes not only free shipping, but a 10% off first time orders and a certificate of authenticity

I requested a portrait painting after seeing Daisy's work.

 The process was very easy and I was over the moon with how it came out! :)




I’m beyond happy with my oil painted portrait! I commissioned Daisy to paint a portrait of my father to surprise him for his 80th birthday and he loved it so much he nearly came to tears. Not only was Daisy incredibly nice but she was also very professional, thoughtful, and patient with my requests and questions since I had never commissioned an Artist before. The painting was completed in a timely manner and Daisy kept me updated with pictures throughout the process. It was amazing to watch the initial sketch turn into a colorful masterpiece! I’m so pleased with how the painting turned out that I decided to request a second painting so that I can have one hung up in my home.


Mary S.

New York City, New York

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